Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Just got the results...

I just got confirmation that Gavin's ultra sound and x ray are normal!...wooohooo thats my boy.

I knew it wouldnt be any other way but still when you get the all clear news it really makes you feel so much better...thank u god...

roll on MRI and CT now. The dates have changed to the 24th of May so that means 4 days for results which of course it great timing.. GAVIN'S 3rd BIRTHDAY....

Friday, February 8, 2013

Update 8th Feburary 2013

We were back in Crumlin Hospital yesterday with Gavin for a chest X-Ray and Ultrasound of his Pelvic area. Gavin's consultant is happy that these scans are OK while he is still on maintenance.

Gavin has been in great form and has been putting on loads of weight. He is now 15.6Klgs which is amazing.

He started in Montessori last week and is going 2 days a week for about 3 hours.

He also gave us dates for end of treatment.....
20th May will be Gavin's last chemotherapy (please god) and he has booked post chemo scans for 20th May (this will be a MRI and CT)..

Gavin 3rd birthday is 29th May....What a birthday present this will be....CLEAR SCANS AND CANCER FREE BECAUSE I'M 3...:)

Picture below is from Monday. Lucy Conor and Gavin.
Thanks to the guys from Matt Britton Flooring for donating this wonderful personalized carpet in Gavin's Room.