Thursday, May 2, 2013


Well I have to admit that was a bit emotional.
Gavin as always just took it all in his stride. He was running around the ward for a while and in the playroom and then the shout came, Chemo was ready.
He just hopped up on his bed and wipped his Freddie (Hickman Line) out and off we go.

All the nurses in the day unit came over to see Gavin and take a picture. They are the most amazing people in the world for the job's that they do and we will always be indebted to them for everything they have done for Gavin and all the other kids. Thank you thank you thank you...You know who you are:)

anyway some picture of our Hero from this Morning.

Oh yes 1 other think I hope we will never ever hear the sounds of the IV Pump beeping again....:)

Pictures Below:

Yeh Yeh just put it in...

Gavin making sure everything is connected correctly..

me and my hero
Last time we will see that IV drip and Chemo Purple Bag

Last IV Chemotherpy today

Well I don't think nearly 18mths ago we would have thought we would seen this day, but today Gavin has his last session of IV Chemo.

His bloods have stayed up over the last few weeks so he has been able to keep up with his treatment sheudule.

He has been in such good form since my last update and has even started Montessori education 2 mornings a week.

This month we have a lot happening...Gavins scans are booked in for the 24th of May, then we have a meeting with his consultant on the 28th so hopefully he will have the scan results ready then the next day Gavin will be 3 years old. What a life he has had so far but I know everything will be good from here on in.

I have decided to take a small break from all my other childrens cancer work & campains for a few months so I can focus on Gavin, Conor and Lucy.
It will be very hard to step out of this since it has been our lives for the last 18months..what is normal life outside of this Cancer bubble..well I will have to wait and see.

Anyway please all keep Gavin in your thoughts and prayers especially over the coming weeks. Once we get over this month we can relax for a while until the next scans in 6months.

Gavin and Conor below helping Greystones Fire Service charity carwash

Now he wants a real motorbike:)