Sunday, June 30, 2013

Time to shave Gavin's head.again...

Well Gavin's hair was coming out in big clumps yesterday and today..He actually said tonight "daddy you cut my hair" that was it time to go. And to make sure that Gavin didn't feel different Conor asked could we shave his too so he could look like Gavin. I was so proud of Conor he dosen't realise how much of an amazing brother he has been for gavin
Anyway meet the 3 baldies

A day of SuperHereos

Well what a day we had yesterday. All up early as usual for a Saturday morning and Conor, Lucy and Gavin dressed up in their superhero's outfits my cousin Sinead had sent us from the US.
 Later on then we had a big surprise when our very good friend Rob Moran called me to say he had a special surprise for Gavin.
Rob called out in full Superman gear with a very special present for Gavin.
As below Rob arranged to get a signed poster from all the cast of the new Superman Movie and then also got it framed and attached his own 2 medals from Ironman Switzerland and Lanzarote too. 
We want to thank Rob , Ivan, and Henry for what you all have done. It so amazing thank you so much from Team Gavin Glynn xxx

Our super kids

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fuck you cancer..

Well looks like chemo has kicked in Gavin's hair started to fall out last night. We didn't want to shave it all off yet so Jayne took Gavin upto out friend Sarah and she did a great job. Sorry but very pissed off today we knew this would happen but still makes me feel so angry today.
Anyway here is our new big boy Gavin 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Update today Thursday 13th

Update from this week so far.
Bone marrow biopsy from Monday all clear
CT scan of Gavin's chest all clear
Bone scan from today just heard all clear. Just in recovery now waiting for Gavin to wake up.
So more chemo tomorrow and Monday weekend off which will be great. Gavin a bit tired now so we will batten down the house for the weekend...

Picture below gavin wouldn't stay in his bed for his chemo so Jayne and I took turns pushing Gavin with the IV chemo stand. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

All dressed for theatre

Bone marrow biospy today

In the day ward in Crumlin now trying to keep Gavin entertained and his mind off food and drink. He has been fasting since 12 last night and hasn't had any drinks either. He's been great so far just hope they will bring him down soon.
Plan for today bone marrow biopsy then start on 2 types of chemo  irinotecan with vincristine.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Not good news

As you may have gathered by now since we didn't post about Gavin's scan results that we didn't get the good news we had hoped for.
Well the exact opposite.
We met with Michael our consultant on Tuesday 28th at 10.30am. He told us news wasn't good the scan showed the tumour is is 2cm currently and in the original location. This is not good...not good at all.... So all the treatment for the last 1mths kept it away but didn't kill all the cells from re generating.
To hear the word "I'm sorry but you may loose Gavin" is something I will never ever forget....we know this is the worst outcome possible. 
Our consultant is checking with other groups to see what the recommend. This will take a week so until then we need to try and enjoy our time with gavin and Conor and Lucy and wait to see what the plan is please god....