Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas trip to Crumlin

Well I kind of guessed we wouldn't make it through Christmas without a trip to the hospital..
Gavin's cough was getting worse and he also start complaining of an ear ache so we headed into Crumlin yesterday to get checked out.
Lucy came too to keep Gavin company which was great. 
The doctor said Gavin sounded bunged up and noises around his lungs so she wanted to do an X-ray to make sure.
That came back ok so she said it was a chest/ lung/ ear viral infection so antibiotic for 7 days.
Conor also has a tonsillitis's the time of year I think so a quiet few days ahead for the Glynn Family..

Monday, December 9, 2013

Bloods up Chemo week again

We did Gavin's bloods again yesterday and they were all up, actually a lot higher than expected so Jayne took him in this morning to see if everything was still ok to start chemo again. He is still coughing a lot and has a cold but they said he was good to go.
So day 1 done he was so tired Jayne said this afternoon and by 4pm he was asleep. He slept for another hour in the room and all the way home.
He woke and was in great form. I had to cook him a burger and also make chocolate rice crispy buns at's now 9:30pm and he wants creamy pasta's gonna be a long night but delighted he is still hungry and eating.

3.30 pm all good and awake...

By 4 he crashed out..

And now :)

Crispy buns....

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Time for a top up..

Got home about 6:30 after a long day waiting around but great news the X-ray showed lungs are clear so just bad chest infection. So on antibiotics for 7 days.
Jayne is now sick too and Conor sounds like he also has a chest infection ahhhhh..

Back in now this morning for a blood transfusion. Hopefully between the antibiotics and bloods it will help Gavin to build back up as he is due to start another round of chemotherapy next Monday. Feel so bad for him we will be in again before the end of the week for another checkup and then he will be here all nxt week too...

Having some choc dips while getting some blood he is just amazing..

Monday, December 2, 2013

Back in Crumlin

Had to bring Gavin into Crumlin this morning and still here. He was coughing and making him sick but no temps so wasn't taking any chances.
They keeping us in now to do a chest Xray as his cough seems very deep. Try took bloods too as he is very pale. Going to be a long day I think.....