Monday, February 24, 2014

Day 2 in isolation

Can't say it was the most comfortable sleep last night but we got through the night ok.
I was in a pull down camp bed beside Gavin. He finally got asleep after 10 pm
Last night. It was very bright outside the room so he kept telling me it wasn't night time..
I woke about 2am as one of the nurses was in the room and we checked Gavin and his temp was up I woke him and gave him some calpol.
I think I ended up in Gavin's bed more than my own as he wanted me to be beside him.
Jayne came in this morning after dropping Conor and Lucy to school.
Gavin didn't have any temps since last night so hopefully it stays that way.
The blood cultures still haven't come back yet so hopefully by lunchtime tomorrow we will know more.
He's been so good like always.. Happy out playing his IPad and watching Ben 10. We are in a isolation room so we can't even use the playroom.
Jayne is staying tonight so please god they get a bit more sleep..I'll be back on te morning.

Sleeping last night. 

Happy out painting some Ben 10 pictures 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Just been admitted..

Gavin has had high temps since we were in on Friday.
They took blood cultures on Friday from Gavin's Hickman line and from his hand. It takes normally 24 Hours to grow in the lab if any infection was present.
We got home Friday night and Gavin temp was upto 39..then again Saturday morning at 4am. We got a a call then last night at 10 pm to say something started to grow from thes test on Friday...and to call this morning at 9am
But Gavin had another temp at 5 this morning so we knew something wasn't right.
Into Crumlin we went for 10am and now they want us to stay in.
So for the first time in over a year we have been admitted. Good thinking by Jayne to pack an overnight bag for us...
So they are going to take more bloods and start Gavin on IV antibiotics. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Lovely day yesterday

Yesterday we went to met with Father Mark and the other Benedictine monks from the Silverstream Priory.

It was great to finally meet as they have been praying for Gavin since I got in touch with Father Mark.

Below is a very special prayer for Gavin.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Back home and full of beans:)

Gavin and Jayne got home just before 8. He looks better already more colour in his face. He was full of energy too and hungry.
Jayne called me earlier and I asked what he wanted for dinner and he said "muscles for my muscles" so of course I went and got some for him..
They told Jayne we don't need to test his bloods again now until next week which is great. After getting a transfusion the new blood lasts for 3 days in your system then your own body takes over to naturally build the levels back up.

Polly happy that Gavin is home

Muscles for superman :)

Bloods lower again today..

Well hospital just called Gavin's bloods have dropped again so it's time for a blood transfusion...
They wil order the bloods now and they should be in by 2pm today.
Hopefully this will give Gavin a boost.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Bloods very low

I took Gavin's bloods into Crumlin today thinking they would be back up since last Wednesday but he has taken a dip even lower now...
I have to take them again tomorrow morning first thing as he may need a blood transfusion tomorrow or Wednesday if they don't crawl back up.
He is in great form a little pale but apart from that no major signs but with Gavin you can never tell until the bloods are tested.
All weekend he was very active. His hair went very bald in patches again so on Saturday we decided to shave it again.
He was great, first he shaved my head and then I did his. He laughed and said that the 2 of us are "baldies now"..

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Video message from Conor McGregor to Gavin

Wow received this video this morning for Gavin from Conor. Just amazing... and shows how nice Conor is.
Can't wait to bring our superhero fighter to see Conor.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Bloods are low

Well that time of the week again and day 10 post chemo and bloods are low.
It's a lockdown house again for the next week..
I will do the bloods again on Friday to see what they are like before the weekend hopefully a few days watching more Ben10 (if their is any left to watch) and resting may bring them up a bit..

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Great day meeting Conor McGregor.

I had the privilege of meeting the amazing MMA Irish fighter today Conor McGregor. 
He was such a nice guy and wanted to meet Gavin so hopefully this weekend we will be able to bring Gavin, Conor and Lucy to meet him. 

I gave him a SuperTeam Gavin Glynn top too..

Amazing fighter and positive person but most of all an absolute Gent.

We did a video with Gavin when I got home too and sent it to him,  as I brought a pair of gloves and Conor signed them to Gavin.