Monday, October 28, 2013

Amazing Day today at Dublin City Marathon

Today 24 men and women ran the Dublin city marthon for Team Gavin Glynn. Our good friend Rob Moran put a team of people together and arranged everything.
It was such a moving site to see everyone running the marathon some for the first time and some others more experienced.
We got to see almost all the runners come past us at the 24 mile mark just when I think everyone was really feeling the pain. 

Below myself Conor and Gavin running beside Rob.

After the marathon we met most of the guys after the run. The first thing Rob did was take off his new medal and give it to Gavin.
 He really is an amazing friend and just wanted Gavin to have his medal.

As below picture Gavin didn't take the medal off all day and even went to bed with it on tonight. 
What an amazing day of support for us all, one that we will never forget.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Team Gavin Glynn (Superteam for Dublin City Marathon 2013)

Another Week of Chemo done

It has been a very long week for Jayne and Gavin but thankfully another round of chemo over.
Gavin had been sick the last few mornings but picked up in the afternoon and evenings.
His appetitive has gone downhill already which didn't happen the last round so we will need to keep a close eye on it.

But we had some good times this week too.
On Wednesday Jayne and Gavin had a visit from a girl called Gemma and her Dad Mick.
We shared a room with Gemma for a few days late last year and we have stayed in contact. Gemma lives in Donegal and had spent a long time in and out of Johns Ward but thankfully everything is looking good for her now. She has her 18th Birthday coming up soon which I hope will be a big celebration for her and her wonderful family.
Gemma knit Gavin a monkey and a doll for Lucy and also got some lego for Conor.
Picture of Gavin with his new best friend.

And then another friend that is running the marathon for Gavin (Ross Britton) arranged to get Gavin a signed set of gloves from Katie Taylor....amazing

Ross and Gavin

Then last night we met with all the runners who are taking part in the Dublin Marathon for Gavin on Monday. SuperTeam Gavin Glynn...

Click below Link to see a Video from last night


Monday, October 21, 2013

Round 2 of chemotherapy

Gavin and Jayne were back in Crumlin today to start another 5 days of his new regime of chemo.
Gavin was in great form all weekend but wasn't happy this morning when he asked where twy were going after dropping Conor and Lucy to school. He kept asking Jayne why..why do we need I goto hospital. It's so hard but we know it has to be done. And as below pictures once they got there he was back messing again:)
It was a very long day for the 2 of them and they didn't get home until about 6:30pm.


And then tonight I got a message from a friend that is part of Team Gavin Glynn marathon squad. He got a signed pair of boxing gloves for Gavin from Katie Taylor...just amazing one world class fighter to another...can't wait for Gavin to see them tomorrow.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

19th October 2011. A day we will never forget.

It's hard to believe that yesterday 2 years ago is when we were told that Gavin had Cancer.
We will never forget after spending 24hrs in A&E in Crumlin and just thinking that Gavin had a sist or something that we would be told he had a very large tumour in his Pelvis and that it had already spread to his lungs....
The picture below is of Gavin in the playroom in Crumlin after we were told the news. Looking at his picture of his beautiful blonde curls and that amazing smile it just wasn't real to be told what was going on inside his little body....


2 years later Gavin is still smiling and fighting as hard as he can...

Gavin starts back on another round of chemotherapy in Crumlin tomorrow. Another 5 days of chemo, 5-6 hours on an IV Drip.

Please god keep him safe and well and may the cancer be gone for good...


Friday, October 18, 2013

Post Operation update

It didn't take that long for Gavin to wake and like always look for his bottle. Once he had that he wanted to play his IPad with Conor.

We then waited in recovery another hour before being transferred back to our room. Conor and Lucy were great just sitting with Gavin and playing with him.

Once back in our room he was hungry for his sausage (which we brought from home)

And then we had to wait for Gavin to pee to make sure everything was ok. It took about 2 hours and like beige it was very sore and still a lot of blood in it. But once the next few came they seem to be clearing up.

Just 1 hr after being back in Ronald Mc Donald house Gavin was full of energy and wanted to goto the playground...he really is superhuman :)

We met with the surgeon and he was very happy with the operation and also checked Gavin's bladder and said very thing is healing and looks great which is an extra bonus good news..

All done in Recovery Room now

Early start this morning. We woke at 6am and then Gavin started to wake looking for his morning bottle...I hate having to tell him he can't have anything especially his bottle as he loves that when he wakes.. The fasting part is always so hard. But he went back asleep at 6:30 and then we just transferred him into his buggy. 
We woke Conor and Lucy and for them dressed quickly they were so good as we explained last night what was happening.
Off to the hospital and into the ward.
The surgeon came to see us first.
Conor and Lucy kept him entertained and his mind of what was going to happen which was brilliant.

At 7:30 am we got Gavin ready to go and I took him down to the operating theatre. 
Gavin was amazing as always and chatted away to them all telling them about Conor and Lucy.

Not a bother on him...

I gave Gavin a big kiss and told him to have a nice sleep and then left.
The operation took about 45 mins and we are now in recovery room all together waiting for Gavin to wake.

In recovery.

The best brother and sister in the world..

Thursday, October 17, 2013

All set for tomorrow morning

Yesterday we brought the kids to a theme park near Amsterdam. They all had a great time it was great for them all to have some fun together before Gavin's  operation.

Today we met with Anna the play specialist.
Gavin was delighted to see her again and introduce Conor and Lucy. They couldn't get the stories out quick enough to tell Anna it was so funny.

This afternoon we got word on our times for tomorrow. 
We have to be in the hospital for 7am so very early start for us all tomorrow. Usual Gavin will have to fast from 12pm tonight and nothing afterwards.

We will all be going in together Conor and Lucy too.

The surgeon has advised gavin is first on the list so please god all going well it will be a quick procedure.
All the kids have had so much fun over the last few days and it has been great to have them all with us. Please god everything will go well tomorrow. 

Lucy and Gavin doing a "selfie" haaha

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

All good so far

All arrived safe and sound yesterday.
Gavin was wrecked and fell asleep on the plane 10 mins out...

Today we just had 2 appointment this morning in the hospital and were finished by 12 which was great. 

Gavin remembered everything and knew when we walked into the hospital what
had happened before. He wasn't too happy when he seen the nurses with the swabs for the MRSA cultures but we told him they would be quick.

Then Gavin showed Conor and Lucy was very funny but they wanted to see everything he had seen.

Like the ambulance we spent a lot of time with Gavin on..:)

Then we went into the city and went on the pirate ship and Nemo interactive  center. All the kids had a great time. 

The below pictures it wasn't even that cold but once one got a hat we all got hats...

Monday, October 14, 2013

Sunday, October 13, 2013

AMC - Amsterdam Hospital Return Visit

We got confirmation last week that everything was now in place for our return visit to AMC Hospital for Gavin's Operation. Gavin's blood levels are on the way back up after his blood transfusion last Monday too.

We fly out tomorrow to Amsterdam and this time the whole Team Gavin Glynn will be going.

Conor and Lucy are very excited to met with all the people from the hospital we spoke about and showed them in the pictures, they are also excited to see Amsterdam and all the things Gavin has seen.

The plan is to travel tomorrow and then Tuesday morning we have 2 appointments in the hospital with the surgical team and then Gavin's operation will take place on Friday. The operation is to remove what is called a "double J" stent which was left inside Gavin from his last operation.
It will be great to have this removed as Gavin still has some blood in his urine so hopefully once this is removed that will stop.

Gavin below at the local Parish Fair in St. Patricks school on Saturday, Gavin loved the pony ride and also was asked to pick out winners in the raffle. And he picked a €100 voucher for Jayne's Mum and Dad....

Conor teaching Gavin a few tricks on his IPad.... Love seeing them playing together

Monday, October 7, 2013

Gavin's blood very low so a transfusion is a go...

Gavin's bloods were very low after we tested them on Friday. 

The nurses told us to take them again on Monday to see if they went back up.

So we kept gavin in doors all weekend as  the new chemotherapy effects white blood cell reproduction (which looks after immune system)

We knew he would need one as he was happy one minute then very grumpy the next which isn't like him.
So I took bloods this morning about 5:45am then dropped them
Into Crumlin before I went to work.
The nurse called me at 9:30 to say that Gavin would need a blood transfusion..
He hasn't had one in over 18mths which is very good. Last time he had one it gave him so much energy afterwards so hopefully this will be the same
He is very pale also..
So we here now all hooked up. Jayne packed enough food and treats for all the kids in the ward I think..
So I may take about 4hrs for the blood to go in so an afternoon of Tom and Jerry and SCobby Doo for me and Gavin.