Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day 3 getting closer...

Today we met with the head of the radiation team who specialises in Brachytherapy. He gave us a very detailed overview of the procedure and possible side effects. Not much we didn't already know from our research but it was still very good to hear it all from the expert. He advised again that after tomorrow review they will meet and decide what will happen.
We then checked Gavin into the ward for tomorrow's procedure. The ward is very nice and all the staff were very friendly. They said since we are staying so close he didn't have to stay in the hospital tonight which is great so we can all be together tonight.
Gavin will have to be fasting from 9am in the morning "last bottle of formula" then 12 am last drink of water and then the Procedure will be at 3pm. Please god all will be good and they will give us a decision tomorrow..or before we leave on Friday.
We also meet with Anna the play specialist who have us some useful information about how to keep Gavin entertained during the radiotherapy sessions. We will meet her again tomorrow to see the rooms where this treatment happens.

Waiting room for radiotherapy 

Gavin's hospital room (with his own name)

Gavin taking it easy tonight 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day 2 all good so far

Today we had more meetings with some doctors from the muti - team.
Gavin was in great form and was chatting away to them. He was so good as we had to give the different doctors an overview from our perspective on what has happened to date.

Tomorrow will be a very busy day as we are meeting with the surgeon to discuss the overall surgery and his plans and also to discuss Thursdays procedure which is a "Cystoscopy", ( A cystoscopy is a medical procedure used to examine the inside of the bladder.

It's carried out using a cystoscope, a thin, fibreoptic tube that has a light and a camera at one end.)

This will be to check the tumour has not affected Gavin's bladder or urethra.

Gavin will need to stay in the hospital overnight to prepare for the cystoscopy.

Below Gavin enjoying playing in Ronald mc playroom 


And for the boy that loves pirates the below pirate ship was part of the children's oncology waiting room...amazing 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Day 1 AMC Amsterdam

We arrived safe and sound yesterday afternoon. We got a taxi from the airport to AMC which is just about 20mins drive from the airport and then checked into Ronald McDonald House which is located on the same grounds as the hospital 
We had out first meeting this morning with Dr.Reineke at 8.30am. She was so nice and friendly and showed us all around the hospital.
She took bloods and swabs from Gavin's skin as they need to test for MRSA from all international patients first before we are allowed to any of the oncology wards.
Dr. Reineke explained a small bit about the operation and treatment and what lies ahead but advised we will not know if everything is a go until Friday. 
They will use this whole week to build a picture of the treatment for Gavin and then all meet together first.
We had the afternoon of today so we took the train into Amsterdam city and went on a canal ride. 
Tomorrow we meet with the anaesthesiologist to discuss procedures.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Amsterdam here we come

Well off today to Amsterdam. 
We have appointments starting from 8am tomorrow morning till Friday with the Multidisciplinary teams from AMC (Emma children's  Hospital Amsterdam).
Very sad leaving Conor and Lucy but they're happy with their granny and grandad for a few days. 
We will update with some news and pictures from Amsterdam.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Great day today..

Well we had a great day today before we head off for Amsterdam hospital tomorrow. Gavin Conor and I went on a helicopter from Newcastle Air field which was all planned by one of our neighbours. It was amazing trip and Conor and gavin were so excited.
Jayne took Lucy to get their hairs done so nice girlie day for them too.
Me and the boys..

Great view of Wicklow coastline 
Our chopper:)

Friday, July 26, 2013

More MRI scans today

In crumlin at the moment waiting for Gavin's MRI scan. Today has been hard to keep Gavin's mind off food and drinks. Since he has been back on food he is loving Gavin pasta carbonara at about 10am and it killed us this morning to say sorry we have to goto hospital and you can't have pasta or drinks...I hate the fasting part. No food 8 hours and not drinks 6 hours before scans

Anyway below is Gavin doing some amazing painting of his favourite superhero. Hope you see this Henry.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Showing the Love :)

Love this says it all really..

Update Tuesday 23rd July

Gavin is doing well now this week. He has picked up quicker this time round after his last round of chemo, last week he wasn't feeling too good very tired and off all his food so it’s great to see him bounce back quicker.

PET Scan we had 2 weeks ago showed the tumour in Gavin's Pelvic area. Their was some questions about something that showed on Gavin's lungs also but thank God that turned out to be nothing of concern.

We have another MRI scan this Friday which will see how the tumour looks now after 2 cycle's of the new chemo drugs.

We got the go ahead now to meet the team in AMC Amsterdam. We are flying out on Sunday for 5 days and will meet all the Oncology Team to discuss and investigate the treatment options for Gavin.

Gavin chilling out with Polly

Pictures of the last 2 weeks

Gavin having his chemo in John Ward playroom

Lucy and Gavin having fun on Gavin's chemo IV Drip
Lucy made a new friend in St. Johns Ward, 3yr old Roisin was recently diagnosed with leukemia.

Some Pictures below of a amazing family day in the Irish Army Camp which was arranged by our best mate Big Gavin (Sargent Gavin Coventry)
The 2 Gavin's

Monday, July 15, 2013

Starting another round of 8 days of chemotherapy

After PET scan yesterday  the plan was to give Gavin another 8 days of chemo. 
The results from the last MRI showed no change in the tumour size so see what another round does. 

Playing on IPad while getting his chemo

PET scan 10th July

Gavin had his PET scan today in Blackrock Clinic. This was to scan all his body for cancer cells. The team in Amsterdam wanted this done to make sure no other cells show up apart from the main tumour in his pelvis. Usual few days waiting for results now.
Pictures below Gavin getting ready and wasn't phased by anything that was going on, and next picture was just waiting for our little hero to wake from the sedation 

Waiting to wake up

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

MRI Scans today

Picture below Gavin and me waiting to go in for his MRI scans. He's in great form. Usual have to wait for a few days for the results and all the other hospitals now to see what they think.