Sunday, August 24, 2014

Update on gavin

After being admitted for an infection last week, Gavin had a scan which showed new tumour growth in his pelvis and also in his lungs. The team believe that there must have been microscopic cells growing / hiding in his pelvic bone and his lungs, that were totally undetectable by the MRI or CT that he had immediately before his surgery. Obviously, had these been identified prior to surgery, the team would not have proceeded with the surgery and HIPEC treatment.

These aggressive new tumours have already grown rapidly and have caused blockages in Gavin's abdomen.
We travelled to Orlando on Sunday as Gavin was granted a trip to Disney World for the family, by "Make a Wish".
But unfortunately he had to be brought by ambulance to the Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando before we could get to the park, with abdominal complications. He has had surgery and is currently recovering in ICU.

We are not sure how long he will be in the hospital but our aim now is to get him well enough to travel home to Ireland.

Once we know what is happening next we will be able to update everyone again. Thanks everyone for your support and prayers.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Calling for people to join TeamGavinGlynn for this years Dublin City Marathon

Team Gavin Glynn are taking on the DCM for the third year in a row. This year more than ever we are looking for support and looking to runners to join the Team for the DCM and run, walk or crawl around streets of Dublin this October. Hard to believe Gavin is only gone 4 and this will be his third marathon in support of his fight….

Gavin as you know is undergoing extensive life saving treatment in the US at the MD Anderson Centre in Texas, while Gavin is doing what he does best and kicking cancers ass, he still needs continued support on his own marathon road to recovery. It literally is a case of it being a marathon and not a sprint unfortunately, with more chemotherapy, more scans and regular quarterly appointments back at MD Anderson once the guys have come home.

So if you are planning or even contemplating taking part in the best marathon in Europe that is the Dublin City Marathon this October and want to support a real life Superhero in the process please get in touch, we would love to have you on board Team Gavin Glynn.

Team Gavin Glynn DCM 2014!!


Text: Lynda (0879823516) (Rob) 0863850129 (Phelim) 0834477933

Leaking Tube

While changing Gavin's dressings yesterday we noticed one of his tubes was leaking..So we called the hospital and also showed them a video we took of the leak.
So this morning early start 6am we were all up and into the hospital. Gavin had to be sedated so the tube could be replaced so he had to fast and no liquids from last night.
He's all good now and just about to leave he's happy that his super brother and sister are here minding him.

Gavin's BodyGuards:)

Awake and all ready to leave