Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas trip to Crumlin

Well I kind of guessed we wouldn't make it through Christmas without a trip to the hospital..
Gavin's cough was getting worse and he also start complaining of an ear ache so we headed into Crumlin yesterday to get checked out.
Lucy came too to keep Gavin company which was great. 
The doctor said Gavin sounded bunged up and noises around his lungs so she wanted to do an X-ray to make sure.
That came back ok so she said it was a chest/ lung/ ear viral infection so antibiotic for 7 days.
Conor also has a tonsillitis's the time of year I think so a quiet few days ahead for the Glynn Family..

Monday, December 9, 2013

Bloods up Chemo week again

We did Gavin's bloods again yesterday and they were all up, actually a lot higher than expected so Jayne took him in this morning to see if everything was still ok to start chemo again. He is still coughing a lot and has a cold but they said he was good to go.
So day 1 done he was so tired Jayne said this afternoon and by 4pm he was asleep. He slept for another hour in the room and all the way home.
He woke and was in great form. I had to cook him a burger and also make chocolate rice crispy buns at's now 9:30pm and he wants creamy pasta's gonna be a long night but delighted he is still hungry and eating.

3.30 pm all good and awake...

By 4 he crashed out..

And now :)

Crispy buns....

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Time for a top up..

Got home about 6:30 after a long day waiting around but great news the X-ray showed lungs are clear so just bad chest infection. So on antibiotics for 7 days.
Jayne is now sick too and Conor sounds like he also has a chest infection ahhhhh..

Back in now this morning for a blood transfusion. Hopefully between the antibiotics and bloods it will help Gavin to build back up as he is due to start another round of chemotherapy next Monday. Feel so bad for him we will be in again before the end of the week for another checkup and then he will be here all nxt week too...

Having some choc dips while getting some blood he is just amazing..

Monday, December 2, 2013

Back in Crumlin

Had to bring Gavin into Crumlin this morning and still here. He was coughing and making him sick but no temps so wasn't taking any chances.
They keeping us in now to do a chest Xray as his cough seems very deep. Try took bloods too as he is very pale. Going to be a long day I think.....

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Round 3 of chemo done

Since Gavin's blood levels were back up he has been back in Crumlin all this week.

It's a very tough week for Jayne too as after dropping Conor and Lucy to school it's straight into Crumlin and long days.
(6 hours approx once everything starts). Most nights they didn't get home till 6:30..
I've tried to be a good house husband and cleaned the house out washes on and made dinners homework all the normal mummy tasks but i don't think I'll ever do it as good as Jayne hahaaa.

Gavin is so used to it now which makes it a bit easier. He never complains but the job for Jayne is to keep Gavin entertained  while in the room. The bag of tricks and food gets bigger every time as Gavin's food taste changes but Jayne is amazing at organising all this. 

Gavin has been in great form all week but it looks like the small but of hair he had grown back is falling out so it's shave time again..

So his bloods so far are good so next bloods is Wednesday. 

Below Gavin on a chill out watching TV.

Happy out snack time with his fruit corner.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Swingathon for Team Gavin Glynn in Barefoot Fitness Kilcoole

Well what a day we had on Saturday with the 50,000 Kettle Bell swings in 2 hours for Team Gavin Glynn in Barefoot Fitness Kilcoole.
we had 30 people turn up to take part.
 Thanks so much to everyone especially Val Lawrence ; Andrew and Sharon Maher and all the guys from Anna Bootski Camp Bray.
Gavin got in for a few swings at the end to show us all how it was done. Sigita Playdon took all the amazing photos on the day. It really was amazing and so glad myself and Jayne took part too. Still recovering....

Presentation from Eileen Jackson for Going Gold for Gavin Day.

We would like to thank everyone who donated and raised money on Going Gold for Gavin Day in St Patricks National School. You all raised and amazing €8,150 for Gavin's Fund. Thank you all so much.

Also big thanks to all the people below for you contribution's also.

St Kevin's NS
Delgany NS
Powerscourt NS
Loreto Secondary School
Colaiste Chraobh Abhann
Knockeevin Montessori
Flynnstones Montessori
Puroga Childcare
Woodlands Montessori
Lir playschool, Delgany
Sunflower Montessori
Home from Home Creche
Naionra Montessori, St. Patricks
Naionra na gClocha Liatha
Footprints Montessori
Charlesland Grove Montessori
Charlesland Park Montessori
Orahova Montessori
Little Poppets Crèche
Treetops Crèche
Scallywags Montessori
Absolute Beginners Montessori

Greystones Fire Station
Permanent TSB
Stephen Donnelly Office TD
Horse and Hound, Delgany
Greystones Baton Twirlers
Wolfe Tone Baton Twirlers
Glen of the Downs Golf Club

Friday, November 15, 2013

Up early for bloods

While most people are still tucked up in their cosy beds I'm up early as always to take Gavin's bloods and drop them into Crumlin. 

I have to do this twice a week at the movement to see if Gavin blood levels are able for his chemotherapy and also to see if his white blood cells which look after his immune system are up.
For the last few weeks they have been very low.

Pictures below what I have to get ready to take Gavin's bloods. 
3 forms have to be filled out and 3 different viles of blood have to be filled.
Every detail has to be correct or else they cannot be processed. 

Gavin still has a Hickman line in his chest which is great for things like this and his chemo. Most of the time I can take his blood while he is asleep..that took a lot of practice :) 

And below after taking bloods. 
So 1 syringe I have to take 4ml first which is waste blood....and then the 2 syringe is what I used to fill the viles for the hospital to test. 
Another one to put Saline in and the last one is Heprin flushing solution which cleans the line afterwards.

And now off to Crumlin. All this before I've had a coffee:)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Super news today

Some super news to share with everyone ..We got a call today from Gavin's consultant to say that his MRI scans from last Friday look good.
He is happy and says it gives us a good baseline to work on from now.
Next scans in February so we just need to get Gavin's blood levels back up by Friday so he can start back on chemo next Monday.
I can't tell you how Jayne and I have felt over the last 5 days.. The waiting for the call of results is something that will never get any easier no matter how long you have been getting them but for now we couldn't be happier. Our little superman is amazing..fighting this bastard cancer in every way he can, inside and out.
Thanks for everyone support . Looking forward to lashing 50,000 kettle bells out of it on Saturday and then the party in Molly's on Saturday night.
Now we can celebrate...woohoo onwards and upwards . Team Gavin Glynn xxxx (picture attached Gavin gives thumbs up for today😊😊😊)

Also today we received the 1st printed copy of a book called "Ziggy the story of a superhero boy".
This is so special. The book is dedicated to Gavin and all the children in St. John's Ward Crumlin.
The book was written by Mick Rochford and all proceeds of the sale will go to the amazing Aoibheann's Pink Tie Charity.


Friday, November 8, 2013

Scans done home now

Another long day in Crumlin today. Gavin of course was hungry this morning but we were able to get some spaghetti hoops and sausages into him before the cut off time for fasting.
We told him what was happening today" doctors were going to take some photos so you cannot eat or drink till after the photos" and he was ok with that. 
The one think that killed me this morning was after I told him he said he wanted Conor to come with him for the day...and of course Conor then wanted to come with him..ahhhhhhhhhhh they all have a really strong bond with each other which is amazing to see. Of course they still kill each other too but sure that's just normal .
So dropped Conor and Lucy to school then came home and left he house at 11. Quick stop at the arts and craft shop to get some supplies for the day ( stuff to paint and colour)
We got to Crumlin and signed in at 12. We bumped into a man we met in Barretstown called Tommy and his beautiful daughter Eve who lost her eye last year to cancer. She was also having and MRI.
So off up to isolation room and we stayed there until 4:15 until we were called for our slot. Gavin didn't ask for any food or drink for the whole time..
We kept him entertained with the arts and craft and some movies.

Waiting outside MRI room gavin was great form and messing loads...

Sitting up chatting to the nurses waiting for his general anastethic 

Gavin came back from his scans about 5:15 and finally woke about 5:45 looking for some food an drinks...
We then left Crumlin about 6:30 and then had to stop for chicken nuggets and a big milkskake for out big man:)
I spoke with out consultant briefly and he said he will call us by Wednesday with the results so for now plan is to keep busy and stay positive and we know that everything will be good please god...

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Scan time again

This date came around a lot quicker than we thought...
Tomorrow Gavin is due to have a CT and MRI.
This will be his first scan since all the treatment and operations in Amsterdam and also since starting the new regime of chemotherapy.
He is in great form eating loads too..Only thing is that the chemo has really hit his white blood cells which look after his immune system. For 2 weeks now his levels have dipped so we have had him under house arrest more or less. The risk of him catching something is very very high so we just haven taken any chances. It's so hard but he has been great.
We have increased the levels of washing hands and using alcohol bacteria jels with 
All of us and anyone that comes into the house. 
So tomorrow morning up early last bottle of formula at 7am and then clear fluids till 12 then nothing until he comes back from scans. We're last on the day list like it will be about 5 before he has the scans. Results nxt week as early as possible we hope..the waiting for the call is something that will never get any easier....

And Gavin has had some nice surprises over the last week....
Last Friday his new superman bed came all the way from Galway to be installed. A man call John Killilae donated the bed and fleece blanket to Gavin through Aoibheanns Pink Tie after seeing them on the Secret millionaire program..ahh Gavin for the first time in nearly a year is back in his own room. He wakes a bit but is getting better ever night.
Picture below of Coor and Gavin and his new amazing bed.

Also Halloween was a great time also. We all got mackup done for the night and as u can see ghostie ghost was Gavin's choice.....

The scary family.....

Monday, October 28, 2013

Amazing Day today at Dublin City Marathon

Today 24 men and women ran the Dublin city marthon for Team Gavin Glynn. Our good friend Rob Moran put a team of people together and arranged everything.
It was such a moving site to see everyone running the marathon some for the first time and some others more experienced.
We got to see almost all the runners come past us at the 24 mile mark just when I think everyone was really feeling the pain. 

Below myself Conor and Gavin running beside Rob.

After the marathon we met most of the guys after the run. The first thing Rob did was take off his new medal and give it to Gavin.
 He really is an amazing friend and just wanted Gavin to have his medal.

As below picture Gavin didn't take the medal off all day and even went to bed with it on tonight. 
What an amazing day of support for us all, one that we will never forget.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Team Gavin Glynn (Superteam for Dublin City Marathon 2013)

Another Week of Chemo done

It has been a very long week for Jayne and Gavin but thankfully another round of chemo over.
Gavin had been sick the last few mornings but picked up in the afternoon and evenings.
His appetitive has gone downhill already which didn't happen the last round so we will need to keep a close eye on it.

But we had some good times this week too.
On Wednesday Jayne and Gavin had a visit from a girl called Gemma and her Dad Mick.
We shared a room with Gemma for a few days late last year and we have stayed in contact. Gemma lives in Donegal and had spent a long time in and out of Johns Ward but thankfully everything is looking good for her now. She has her 18th Birthday coming up soon which I hope will be a big celebration for her and her wonderful family.
Gemma knit Gavin a monkey and a doll for Lucy and also got some lego for Conor.
Picture of Gavin with his new best friend.

And then another friend that is running the marathon for Gavin (Ross Britton) arranged to get Gavin a signed set of gloves from Katie Taylor....amazing

Ross and Gavin

Then last night we met with all the runners who are taking part in the Dublin Marathon for Gavin on Monday. SuperTeam Gavin Glynn...

Click below Link to see a Video from last night


Monday, October 21, 2013

Round 2 of chemotherapy

Gavin and Jayne were back in Crumlin today to start another 5 days of his new regime of chemo.
Gavin was in great form all weekend but wasn't happy this morning when he asked where twy were going after dropping Conor and Lucy to school. He kept asking Jayne why..why do we need I goto hospital. It's so hard but we know it has to be done. And as below pictures once they got there he was back messing again:)
It was a very long day for the 2 of them and they didn't get home until about 6:30pm.


And then tonight I got a message from a friend that is part of Team Gavin Glynn marathon squad. He got a signed pair of boxing gloves for Gavin from Katie Taylor...just amazing one world class fighter to another...can't wait for Gavin to see them tomorrow.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

19th October 2011. A day we will never forget.

It's hard to believe that yesterday 2 years ago is when we were told that Gavin had Cancer.
We will never forget after spending 24hrs in A&E in Crumlin and just thinking that Gavin had a sist or something that we would be told he had a very large tumour in his Pelvis and that it had already spread to his lungs....
The picture below is of Gavin in the playroom in Crumlin after we were told the news. Looking at his picture of his beautiful blonde curls and that amazing smile it just wasn't real to be told what was going on inside his little body....


2 years later Gavin is still smiling and fighting as hard as he can...

Gavin starts back on another round of chemotherapy in Crumlin tomorrow. Another 5 days of chemo, 5-6 hours on an IV Drip.

Please god keep him safe and well and may the cancer be gone for good...


Friday, October 18, 2013

Post Operation update

It didn't take that long for Gavin to wake and like always look for his bottle. Once he had that he wanted to play his IPad with Conor.

We then waited in recovery another hour before being transferred back to our room. Conor and Lucy were great just sitting with Gavin and playing with him.

Once back in our room he was hungry for his sausage (which we brought from home)

And then we had to wait for Gavin to pee to make sure everything was ok. It took about 2 hours and like beige it was very sore and still a lot of blood in it. But once the next few came they seem to be clearing up.

Just 1 hr after being back in Ronald Mc Donald house Gavin was full of energy and wanted to goto the playground...he really is superhuman :)

We met with the surgeon and he was very happy with the operation and also checked Gavin's bladder and said very thing is healing and looks great which is an extra bonus good news..