Thursday, January 30, 2014

Day 4 daddy on duty..

Conor had to have a small procedure yesterday so I took him in. He is a bit site so needs to stay off school for a few days so I took some annual leave from my work.
Jayne stayed home with Conor and I'm now in with Gavin.
Haven't been in with him for his weekly chemo for a while so Gavin told me this morning that he would show me where to go:)
The traffic was crap this morning and then Gavin started to get sick in the car. Jayne had told me this happens nearly every morning on the way to the hospital. It happens from the chemo from the day before but super Gavin being so used to it asked for his sick bag and then threw up. 
It made me so angry to see him getting sick and being so able to handle it himself....but he was back to himself soon afterwards which made me calm

Anyway we got to the hospital and then Gavin wanted to use his scooter all the way in...amazing turnaround that just shows how brilliant he is.

So we all hooked up now in for the duration. Loads of movies of ben10 and playing sky landers on his iPad for the day.

Scooting down to the ward 

Hard level in sky landers:)

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