Wednesday, December 24, 2014

We wanted to thank everyone who has supported and helped Gavin and our family in 2014 and especially over the last few months since Gavin has passed.

Christmas will not be the same for us this year and I don’t think any festivities or anniversaries will ever be the same again, but we know if Gavin was with us it would be filled with laughter and joy and happiness. Conor and Lucy are now doing a great job of keeping us going and making us smile.

We hope 2015 will bring much happiness. We have some very exciting and busy plans ahead in setting up a foundation/charity to continue Gavin’s Journey, and we hope that we can count on all your support so we can help other children and families with cancer.

So in Gavin’s memory we would like to wish everyone a very healthy and Happy Christmas and New Year.

John, Jayne, Conor, Lucy and Super Gavin (shining down his happiness from above).


  1. Thinking of you all today on Mothers Day in Ireland. I am sure Gavin is sending lots of stars and happiness to his wonderful mum. Hope you are all doing ok and Gavin and all of you as a family remain an inspiration. xxx

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