Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Monday 8th October Start Radiotherapy

Gavin started his Radiotherapy today in St Lukes Hospital in Rathgar.

The mainly treat Adults but since this is the only place in Ireland that has the equipment this is where we needed to go..

Gavin needs 10 session every day for 2 weeks of radiotherapy on his lungs (as their was cancer spots on 1 lung when he was diagnosied last year)

Gavin also has to be under sedadtion every day so like Switzerland he has to fast every night.
We have to wake him at 3 am for his last bottle and then 6am is his last drink of water until after the treatment.

10 sessions of treatment will bring us up until the 19th October. The very strange this is on the 19th October last year Gavin was diagnoised with Cancer.....1 year to the day

Below is a picture of the mould that Gavin is in while getting his treatment. This makes sure he is in the same poisition every day

Gavin waiting to wake up in St. Lukes today with his Bob Blanket.
We have come a long way in a year and thankfully Gavin has been so strong and the best patient in the world.

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