Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Update Tuesday 23rd July

Gavin is doing well now this week. He has picked up quicker this time round after his last round of chemo, last week he wasn't feeling too good very tired and off all his food so it’s great to see him bounce back quicker.

PET Scan we had 2 weeks ago showed the tumour in Gavin's Pelvic area. Their was some questions about something that showed on Gavin's lungs also but thank God that turned out to be nothing of concern.

We have another MRI scan this Friday which will see how the tumour looks now after 2 cycle's of the new chemo drugs.

We got the go ahead now to meet the team in AMC Amsterdam. We are flying out on Sunday for 5 days and will meet all the Oncology Team to discuss and investigate the treatment options for Gavin.

Gavin chilling out with Polly

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