Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day 3 getting closer...

Today we met with the head of the radiation team who specialises in Brachytherapy. He gave us a very detailed overview of the procedure and possible side effects. Not much we didn't already know from our research but it was still very good to hear it all from the expert. He advised again that after tomorrow review they will meet and decide what will happen.
We then checked Gavin into the ward for tomorrow's procedure. The ward is very nice and all the staff were very friendly. They said since we are staying so close he didn't have to stay in the hospital tonight which is great so we can all be together tonight.
Gavin will have to be fasting from 9am in the morning "last bottle of formula" then 12 am last drink of water and then the Procedure will be at 3pm. Please god all will be good and they will give us a decision tomorrow..or before we leave on Friday.
We also meet with Anna the play specialist who have us some useful information about how to keep Gavin entertained during the radiotherapy sessions. We will meet her again tomorrow to see the rooms where this treatment happens.

Waiting room for radiotherapy 

Gavin's hospital room (with his own name)

Gavin taking it easy tonight 

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