Sunday, February 23, 2014

Just been admitted..

Gavin has had high temps since we were in on Friday.
They took blood cultures on Friday from Gavin's Hickman line and from his hand. It takes normally 24 Hours to grow in the lab if any infection was present.
We got home Friday night and Gavin temp was upto 39..then again Saturday morning at 4am. We got a a call then last night at 10 pm to say something started to grow from thes test on Friday...and to call this morning at 9am
But Gavin had another temp at 5 this morning so we knew something wasn't right.
Into Crumlin we went for 10am and now they want us to stay in.
So for the first time in over a year we have been admitted. Good thinking by Jayne to pack an overnight bag for us...
So they are going to take more bloods and start Gavin on IV antibiotics. 

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