Monday, February 24, 2014

Day 2 in isolation

Can't say it was the most comfortable sleep last night but we got through the night ok.
I was in a pull down camp bed beside Gavin. He finally got asleep after 10 pm
Last night. It was very bright outside the room so he kept telling me it wasn't night time..
I woke about 2am as one of the nurses was in the room and we checked Gavin and his temp was up I woke him and gave him some calpol.
I think I ended up in Gavin's bed more than my own as he wanted me to be beside him.
Jayne came in this morning after dropping Conor and Lucy to school.
Gavin didn't have any temps since last night so hopefully it stays that way.
The blood cultures still haven't come back yet so hopefully by lunchtime tomorrow we will know more.
He's been so good like always.. Happy out playing his IPad and watching Ben 10. We are in a isolation room so we can't even use the playroom.
Jayne is staying tonight so please god they get a bit more sleep..I'll be back on te morning.

Sleeping last night. 

Happy out painting some Ben 10 pictures