Tuesday, June 19, 2012

1st Day of Treatment 19th June 2012

Well reality has hit home yet again, myelf and Jayne felt sick last night with the thought of what was to come...
Gavin had to fast from 6.30am this morning. Last clear liquids from 8.30am then nothing...It was hard with the other 2 kids as you can imagine so I took Gavin for a walk while Conor and Lucy had some breakie..
Then it was nearly time to go. A quick 20mins drive to PSI.
We arrive on time 10.30am to meet with Dr. Carmen who will be the main doctor who will look after Gavin.
They all had a play for about 20mins and then it was time to start. I took Gavin in this morning (we will take turns every day). We went into the main room where Gavin remembered the box that had the beads in it...He looked and pointed at the box and knew what was in it. amazing that he remembered. So today he got 1 silver bead (for proton therapy), 1 small blue bead(start of the week) and 1 blig blue bead for CT Scan.
Then it was sedation time...I hate this...Especially when Gavin knows whats going to happen. The look in his eyes tells it all but I know thats just what has to happen..and it will have to be done every day now for the next 7 weeks or so.
I held him in my arms until he fell asleep then lay him on the table. I kissed him and said I love u buddy...
Know we have to wait about 1.30mins...Please god all will be well..

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