Tuesday, June 19, 2012

All good so far

Well we all arrived safe in Switzerland. We stayed in a hotel close to the airport on Saturday night and then went back to the airport to pickup our rental car. I have to say a huge thanks to Eilish Cunningham, Daniel Grothe from HERTZ car rental who gave us the best deal possible for a car rental for the 8 weeks we will be here, thanks so much.
Then on Sunday we travelled doen into Germany to our new appartment. It is very nice 2 bed appartment at the top level of a house. The kids have really settled in already which is great. We have access to the garden downstairs which has some kids toys which is great. Weather is pretty hot about 30 degrees so far so it will take a bit of getting used too but sure we cant complain.
Still trying to sort some internet access out, since we are right on the Swiss German border most mobile wireless internet dosent know which provider to pick...Work in Progress.
Big shop in LIDL yesterday, it was funny Conor said "this is the same shop as at home"...ha..haa.

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