Sunday, June 30, 2013

A day of SuperHereos

Well what a day we had yesterday. All up early as usual for a Saturday morning and Conor, Lucy and Gavin dressed up in their superhero's outfits my cousin Sinead had sent us from the US.
 Later on then we had a big surprise when our very good friend Rob Moran called me to say he had a special surprise for Gavin.
Rob called out in full Superman gear with a very special present for Gavin.
As below Rob arranged to get a signed poster from all the cast of the new Superman Movie and then also got it framed and attached his own 2 medals from Ironman Switzerland and Lanzarote too. 
We want to thank Rob , Ivan, and Henry for what you all have done. It so amazing thank you so much from Team Gavin Glynn xxx

Our super kids

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