Monday, June 3, 2013

Not good news

As you may have gathered by now since we didn't post about Gavin's scan results that we didn't get the good news we had hoped for.
Well the exact opposite.
We met with Michael our consultant on Tuesday 28th at 10.30am. He told us news wasn't good the scan showed the tumour is is 2cm currently and in the original location. This is not good...not good at all.... So all the treatment for the last 1mths kept it away but didn't kill all the cells from re generating.
To hear the word "I'm sorry but you may loose Gavin" is something I will never ever forget....we know this is the worst outcome possible. 
Our consultant is checking with other groups to see what the recommend. This will take a week so until then we need to try and enjoy our time with gavin and Conor and Lucy and wait to see what the plan is please god....

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