Thursday, June 13, 2013

Update today Thursday 13th

Update from this week so far.
Bone marrow biopsy from Monday all clear
CT scan of Gavin's chest all clear
Bone scan from today just heard all clear. Just in recovery now waiting for Gavin to wake up.
So more chemo tomorrow and Monday weekend off which will be great. Gavin a bit tired now so we will batten down the house for the weekend...

Picture below gavin wouldn't stay in his bed for his chemo so Jayne and I took turns pushing Gavin with the IV chemo stand. 


  1. Hey Glynn Family!
    Well needless to say we are still sending all our love from Capetown and Orla is keeping us updated (just so are not all annoying ye:)..Gavin get better soon as there are lions and elephants here who want to meet you as soon as possible!Best wishes Grainne and Chrisx

  2. Thinking of you all,lots of love and good wishes to gav xxx