Saturday, November 23, 2013

Round 3 of chemo done

Since Gavin's blood levels were back up he has been back in Crumlin all this week.

It's a very tough week for Jayne too as after dropping Conor and Lucy to school it's straight into Crumlin and long days.
(6 hours approx once everything starts). Most nights they didn't get home till 6:30..
I've tried to be a good house husband and cleaned the house out washes on and made dinners homework all the normal mummy tasks but i don't think I'll ever do it as good as Jayne hahaaa.

Gavin is so used to it now which makes it a bit easier. He never complains but the job for Jayne is to keep Gavin entertained  while in the room. The bag of tricks and food gets bigger every time as Gavin's food taste changes but Jayne is amazing at organising all this. 

Gavin has been in great form all week but it looks like the small but of hair he had grown back is falling out so it's shave time again..

So his bloods so far are good so next bloods is Wednesday. 

Below Gavin on a chill out watching TV.

Happy out snack time with his fruit corner.

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