Friday, November 8, 2013

Scans done home now

Another long day in Crumlin today. Gavin of course was hungry this morning but we were able to get some spaghetti hoops and sausages into him before the cut off time for fasting.
We told him what was happening today" doctors were going to take some photos so you cannot eat or drink till after the photos" and he was ok with that. 
The one think that killed me this morning was after I told him he said he wanted Conor to come with him for the day...and of course Conor then wanted to come with him..ahhhhhhhhhhh they all have a really strong bond with each other which is amazing to see. Of course they still kill each other too but sure that's just normal .
So dropped Conor and Lucy to school then came home and left he house at 11. Quick stop at the arts and craft shop to get some supplies for the day ( stuff to paint and colour)
We got to Crumlin and signed in at 12. We bumped into a man we met in Barretstown called Tommy and his beautiful daughter Eve who lost her eye last year to cancer. She was also having and MRI.
So off up to isolation room and we stayed there until 4:15 until we were called for our slot. Gavin didn't ask for any food or drink for the whole time..
We kept him entertained with the arts and craft and some movies.

Waiting outside MRI room gavin was great form and messing loads...

Sitting up chatting to the nurses waiting for his general anastethic 

Gavin came back from his scans about 5:15 and finally woke about 5:45 looking for some food an drinks...
We then left Crumlin about 6:30 and then had to stop for chicken nuggets and a big milkskake for out big man:)
I spoke with out consultant briefly and he said he will call us by Wednesday with the results so for now plan is to keep busy and stay positive and we know that everything will be good please god...

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