Monday, March 31, 2014

Another day of chemo

Another day of chemo today. Gavin has put on some weight since last week which is great. In too form today even though we were in the hospital for about 6hours he was brilliant.
We got 2 pieces of good news today which is a great start to the week. 
1: we finally got Gavin's medical card renewed after a 6 mth battle with the HSE
2: Gavin's bone scan from 2 weeks ago is all clear thank god.

I have to admit I was getting worried today when our consultants nurse came to see us. She said he will call down later with the results. This is usually never a good sign. As the minutes and hours went on and Gavin still hadn't started his chemo I started to think they were delaying his treatment until we had seen the consultant but by 1:30 he stated chemo. Still no sign of the consultant by the time we left.
At 4:30 pm we got a call to say the scans were a clear...ahhh thank god 

Then tonight I recieved a message from another group in the US who 
have a website especially for information on soft tissue sarcomas. They gave me
Some great info and then invited me to a web video call. We chatted for a while and I got more info to look into.

Busy day tomorrow Dr. Glynn hat will be going on...

Below Gavin our little superman happy out today while getting his chemo. He really is amazing kid..

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