Thursday, March 27, 2014

Day 4

Gavin as always in top form today, he was chatting away to everyone and we had to show some of the nurses how amazing he is at taking his chemotherapy (Temozolomide) medicine.

We were told that some kids need to get a tube in as they cannot stomach the taste so we didn't know how Gavin would take it, but the below just shows how our little Superman handles it:)

Gavin getting "Freddie" (his hickman line) cleaned after he got some anti sickness medicine.


  1. Well done Gavin ur such a brave little boy taking your meds. Xxx I have a little boy of my own and I admire ur courage and strength.

  2. The blog is a great idea. I have a little boy the same age and I can't imagine how hard it is to go through what you guys have to go through. Gavin looks like a gorgeous little lad. And he is obviously much loved and admired by his family. I hope the treatment goes really well and Gavin remains the brave and bright boy that we can see here.
    Kind thoughts to you all.

  3. Can't imagine what u are all going through as a family.Gavin is such a beauyiful little boy Just want to wish him all the very best in the future n send him lots of hugs

  4. How is ur little soldier doing now