Friday, May 9, 2014

MRI scans today

Back in Crumlin today for Gavin's MRI scan which will tell how the last 2 cycles of chemo have gone.
The usual fasting from 12pm last night was hard as Gavin woke at 5am looking for a bottle and wasn't happy and then we were all up at 6:15 am so we could drop Conor and Lucy to Jaynes a parents house for the school run.
Gavin was great all the way in, when we got here he was very thirsty (as anyone would be since it's so nice out today) so it was a hard few hours battle but he knew what the story was. Lots of silly games but anything to keep his mind occupied.

Showing the love below :)

Then off to MRI dept at 11:45. Gavin told the guys he loves the white medicine now which is the sleep drug..

Then he came back to is at 1:30pm. Hungry and very thirsty so loads of hospital toast with jam.

Gavin also got a lovely present which was sent to the hospital for him from a lady from Thurles who read Gavin's story in the daily mail. So very nice and a beautiful card and a big Easter egg which was a great surprise.

Thank you Mary Guinan.

And now we wait for results....hopefully sooner rather than later.7

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  1. Thinking of you all and sending all our love. Orla and Stephen Xxxx