Thursday, June 26, 2014

Day 1 in MD Anderson

Hi All

Day 1 over. We were up about 7am this morning getting everything ready for our full day of appointments in MD Anderson.  Gavin had seen the hospital from our hotel room window and asked why we are going there and we told him “this is the place where they will get rid of the thing in your tummy (the black thing as he calls it..)

We went to the hospital and were met by a lady called Tiffany who we had been in contact with from home and who is a volunteer for Livestrong. We had to fill out lots of forms to register Gavin for the day ahead.
Everyone we met so far has been so nice and friendly even all the other people/patients in the hospital.

We met all the members of Dr Hayes Jordan's Team to discuss Gavin and what he has had to date and what their thoughts are.
At 4pm today then we met with Dr Hayes Jordan who is the surgeon that will preform the surgery and HIPEC treatment on Gavin. She was amazed by Gavin and they way he currently looks. Think all the nurses and doctors have took a shine to Gavin already. Dr Hayes Jordan was amazing and really explained everything in detail which was great. She really understands what and why we are here. Gavin told her about the “black thing in his tummy” and she said “well we are going to get rid of that Gavin”…and we are sure she will.

Tomorrow morning we have to be in the hospital for 7am as Gavin is booked in for his first MRI Scan, he will also have to fast from 12 tonight so no food or drinks past 12pm which is hard but we are used to it now. We have told him what’s going to happen and he is fine with it.

So far we are delighted and really impressed with the staff and hospital, they are all so professional but most of all make us feel very comfortable…

We received this card from the hotel staff after the met Gavin at dinner last night. They sent a present up to the room for him also. So nice..

Getting ready for the day ahead

Big high fives for a great 1st day

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  1. Thanks for your ongoing updates. Know that you have the goodwill of everyone here at home. Keeping my fingers crossed for Gavin tomorrow.