Monday, June 9, 2014

Updates so far

Gavin has been taking his tablets every morning without any problems. We have to check his bloods and kidney functions every week.

Below is some pictures of what we need to do every week. Gavin is so used to this routine now he just lies back and then gives me instructions on what to do…e.g.: "you need to use another wipe" or "time to clean this part" he is so funny but knows exactly what needs to be done.
Most people don't realise when they see him running around that this line has now been connected into his chest for nearly 3 years it is a real part of him and he is very protective of it.

Our next steps this week is to speak with some more consultants overseas about what our next steps are.
We have had responses back from the 2 New York Hospitals to say that they cannot offer any treatment for Gavin which came at a big stock to us.. But we have had some information back from MD Anderson in Texas about a specific treatment protocol they have for cases like Gavin's so we have a lot of work to do with them on this first.

We will hopefully know more by the end of this week.

Cleaning Freddie (hickman line)


  1. Have you ever tried alternative therapies in addition to traditional treatment? Hipocrates Health Institute in Florida use food and superfoods like sprouts & wheatgrass to treat cancer & other diseases. As far as I know they had a pretty few successful cases where other doctors gave up on patients.

    Perhaps it's worth to get in touch and see what they say?

    1. Thank you for this info I will look into it.


  2. Hi,
    I seen on Gabbs you are holding a toysale soon , when is this? I have some bits in good condition looking for a new home I have also text friends to get some of there kids stuff so hopefully will have a bundle for you, I live in Crumlin will you be out at Our ladys Hosp before the sale ?