Friday, June 27, 2014

MRI and X-Ray today

We had a rough night last night before we even got up. Gavin woke about 3am looking for a bottle and a drink but we couldn’t give him anything as he had to fast from 12am. He wasn’t happy at all and it took a long while for him to settle back down again. We hate not being able to let him drink or eat especially when we are trying to build him up as much as possible for the coming weeks procedures.
Then we were up at 6 am, as we had to be in the hospital for 7am for our first appointment, then down to the MRI department for 8am.  We tried to entertain Gavin as much as possible to keep his mind off thinking about food or drink, very hard but we are used to it now.
Only one of us could bring him into the MRI room so we normally take it in turns so I went in today. Gavin was great and knows the “milky medicine” will make him go asleep, he doesn’t mind it, and actually he likes it, which is a bit scary.
He took out his Central Line himself and gave it to the anesthetist, and within 30 seconds he was asleep. I held him in my arms and just spoke to him until he was fully under then gave him a big kiss and told him I loved him.
Gavin was under for about 1:45mins then he was in recovery for another hour. He was very groggy when he woke and took a long while to come full around. He also had to have an x-ray on his chest. Then we got back to the hotel about 3pm.
Since he was so good after a really hard day we went and got him some presents.

2 more appointments tomorrow but we should be finished by 1pm which will be good as there is a surprise in store for Gavin tomorrow…. he is having a visit by some of Houston’s finest Police Force.

Bit of messing before Gavin's MRI

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Gavin in recovery

Gavin's present, a LAB kit..The next big Cancer Pathologist I think

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  1. Glad settling in and thanks a million couz for updating us all. Sending prayers and good thoughts