Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Not a good day today

Well today didn't go as planned

We had arranged a day with the Sheriff Department with Gavin but when he woke this morning he wasn't feeling well. His stomach was very bloated and as the morning went on it just got worse and worse. He had serious pains and was screaming and crying which isn't like him at all. 
We ended up taking Gavin into the emergency room as it got so bad .
They kept us in for the day and took some X-rays and it seemed like a build up of gas, sounds crazy my god he was in so much pain we didn't know what was wrong with him. It could also be from all the new food, So we got some medicine now for the next 48 hrs which will hopefully get rid of it and the pains. 
Tomorrow we meet the Surgeon to discuss the plan for next week.

Jayne trying to keep Gavin's mind off the pain

Gavin fell straight asleep after his X-ray 


  1. Good Morning ,

    How are you guys doing ? My name is Colin Brooks- Debrucha and am from Ennis Co Clare but am currently working at MD Anderson Cancer Center. My friend was involved in one of the fundraisers back home in Ireland and contacted me when she found out ye were coming here. I have been following your blog and dropped by on Sunday to drop off a care package and gift for Gavin. I missed ye but I left the package with Jessica Key, a colleague of mine who has been trying to get in contact with you. I would stop by myself but I am located in the Smithville campus which is three hours away. I was based in the Houston campus for 6 years, os if you need any advice on grocery stores, directions, restaurants, anything ! just let me know. you can email me at or cell 8324774934

    my prayers and thoughts are with you and your family, Gavin is being looked after by the best doctors in the field and staying at the number one cancer treatment center in the world.


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