Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Miracles do happen..

We are in ICU department now with Gavin. We are so happy to share some good news with everyone for a change.
The Amazing Surgeon Dr Hayes Jordan and her team were able to remove both tumors from Gavin's pelvis and also preform the HIPEC Treatment as planned.
We had been told that Gavin's bladder and Colon would have to be removed and he would have 2 permanent bags but when they went in they were able to get them out without touching the bladder and colon.
We really believe what has happened today is a miracle and it is down to everyone's prayers and positive thoughts being answered for Gavin and the medical team involved, for that we cannot thank everyone enough..
We still have a long road ahead in the coming days and weeks and months to make sure everything is gone for good but for now everyone should know how happy we are and it is all with your help, donations, support,
Prayers and positivity that our boy Gavin is with us today. Thank you to each and every person...sending you all our love and thanks John, Jayne and SuperGavin.

Just before going into Operating room

Resting in ICU after nearly 11hours operation


  1. Such Amazing news to wake up to this morning! Keeping Gavin in Our thoughts and prayers xo

  2. Fantastic news, speedy recovery SuperGavin ;-) xx

  3. In floods reading this. Could not be happier for you all, the relief must be immense. Onwards and upwards now. x

  4. Great news for Gavin! I am so happy to read this today. (I'm one of his US fans rooting for him)