Saturday, July 19, 2014

Not an easy week for Gavin

So much can happen in a space of a few hours and days..
After our last update of Gavin walking in the hospital he became unwell.

His tummy became swollen again and we didn’t know why. The medical team checked Gavin and found that there was a problem with one of the tubes that was draining the urine from his bladder. This caused a build up of urine back into his urethra and then spilled out through a small tear into his stomach.
The pressure caused Gavin to not breath properly and this then caused fluid on his lung.
As you can imagine, we became very scared but the medical team dealt with it as soon as they could.
Gavin was then scheduled to have an operation on Monday to place a tube into his lung and also into his stomach to drain of the fluid and urine that had built up.
We were upgraded again into the ICU department so they could keep a constant eye on Gavin.
All week the new tubes have been removing fluid but the medical team thought it would be better to drain off the urine from the kidney which would give his tummy and urethra time to heal, so today Gavin had another procedure to insert a tube into his kidney called a “Nephrostomy”. This was done today at 4pm and Gavin is now comfortable. He will have a few tubes now until everything is back working as normal again.
It has been a huge rollercoaster week for us and not something we, or anyone thought would happen but it did. But we hope we are over the worst of it now so back to Gavin’s recovery and building him back up and walking again.

We have had lots of support this week from our Irish friends in Houston and the HPD (Houston Police Dept) who have been in to check on Gavin ever other day so that has really helped us.

And today we received some cards and presents form home which couldn’t have come at a better time.
Below Gavin’s new Fairy Door from (The Fairy Door Company in Ireland), which he named “Max”, arrived and is a great addition to his hospital room. He also got some lovely get well cards (one from his girlfriend Niamh which made him smile ) and 2 massive posters that a man called Joseph Mc Corvey dropped in.
He put all the get well wishes from his friends all over the world sent to Gavin on a poster…it’s really amazing to see where people are sending message from. Lots of love in the world for our SuperGavin we really appreciate it.
We are all looking forward to watching our friend Conor Mc Gregor win his fight tomorrow, that will put us all in good spirits

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