Monday, July 7, 2014

Our last night together for a few weeks

Well Gavin has just gone asleep, this will be our last night sleeping together for the coming weeks.
The last few days have been hard as Gavin has had some pain. We found out from the MRI scans that the tumor has grown since we were at home and is pressing against his bladder and nerve on his leg, so this has caused a lot of discomfort over the last few days.

Tomorrow we will be admitted to the hospital for 8am, and then Gavin will need to drink 2ltrs of a solution which will clear out his system in preparation for surgery on Tuesday morning.

We have been told that the surgery is now more complicated than we first thought and will take between 10-12 hours. Jayne and I will take turns staying with Gavin every night and both of us will be with him every day. He will be in ICU after the operation for at least 1 week.

We have some long hard and scary times ahead of us but we will be strong for our little Superhero Gavin. This is his and our biggest battle so far and we will win…

We know we have everyone behind us which gives us massive strength to battle the fight ahead.
We want to thank everyone your kind messages and support at home and in Houston everyone has been amazing to us.

Please keep Gavin in your prayers and thoughts over the coming days and we will update everyone once he returns from surgery.
Sending all our love, TeamGavinGlynn all the way… John.

Kisses from Gavin (after having a blue Candy Floss)


  1. Never far from our thoughts and prayers. With you every step of the way Go Team Gavin Glynn from Paul and Family Rosslare.

  2. Superhero Gavin - we have hundreds of people "storming" heaven with prayers for a successful surgery tomorrow! Hope you can feel the power! We loved meeting you and your parents and are looking forward to seeing your funny, crazy self very soon. Keep strong and courageous little man. From Martin, Mary, and "your girlfriend" Siobhan Thompson.

  3. Thinking you all today and sending all out love and strength. Orla and Stephen xxxx

  4. Hope everything went well today. Fingers crossed for little Gavin. Niamh (Dublin)

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