Tuesday, July 29, 2014

We are now outpatients wooohoo

Just to let you all know we got discharged from the hospital yesterday wooohoooo. They are happy to let us leave and for Gavin to start his recovery outside of the hospital. He still has a tear in ureter and bladder, so he has 3 drainage bags on until they heal. We have been trained up on how to manage them ourselves.

We have a job to do and build him back up now to his old chubby self again, but we can do this much better outside the hospital.

We have also just moved into a rented apartment, which is close to the medical center so we have a bigger space.
And the best news of all is that Conor and Lucy are coming over this Friday…WOOOOHOOO. Jayne’s sister Deborah is flying them over.

We miss them so much. It’s been nearly 6 weeks now, and even though we speak every night, it’s just not the same. We cannot wait to see them, my god they will be killed with love and hugs they will not know what hit them:)

So the plan for now is to have regular visits to the hospital for checkups and check how Gavin's bladder and ureter are healing. We cannot start his chemotherapy until they are healed better. We are unsure yet if he will require more surgery to fix them.

So at long last we are now on the road to recovery and, more importantly, back on the road home to Ireland.

We are missing everyone back home a lot especially all our friends and family, but we are being well looked after by our extended Houston Irish and Police families, they are amazing support to us.

Gavin when we told him we were leaving the hospital

Gavin and me chilling in our apartment  

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  1. so so thrilled for you all! Sure you are all so excited about having all the three of them together again. Sending all our love couz!