Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gavin did it...finished today Wooohooo

Well we didn't think we would be celebrating this early but my god are we so happy right now.
Gavin finished his treatment this morning and then they also removed his supra pubic tube (one in his belly into his bladder).

We have to admit it was a very emotional day especially saying good bye to all the doctors and nurses at PSI who have been amazing to us and Gavin for the past nearly 6 weeks.
They have asked us to return again next year for a checkup and stay in touch with updates on Gavin's progress.

We wish this was the end of the treatment for Gavin but we still have a long road ahead, another 35 weeks of maintenance chemotherapy and MRI and CT scans ever 10-12 weeks also some radiotherapy on Gavin's lungs when we get home but right now we are delighted, it's a further step closer for Gavin's recovery please God..

We would like to thank all the staff at PSI especially Dr Carmen Ares and Rita the nurse who really made us feel so at ease and was amazing with Gavin, also the doctors in the oncology ward in Zurich Kinderhospital.

What this means for us, well:

1: No more having to wake Gavin at 6 am every morning to have his last bottle.

2: No more having to hide food every morning, Conor and Lucy especially.

3: being able to let Gavin have a drink past 8am ever morning and not fasting.

4: Gavin not being sedated every day
And so much more but they are the main ones...we are all looking forward to being able to have breakfast as a family tomorrow (small things really mean a lot )

We need to change Gavin's dressing every day now until Sunday and then it should be ok so we are staying close to the hospital till then, and then we can hopefully bring the kids somewhere until Wednesday when we fly back home to sunny Ireland:)

We have kept the Sat Nav we brought with us from Ireland updated and saved all the locations and places we have visited, so we will give this to the next family from Ireland who will be coming to PSI
We also donated all the toys we brought over and bought while in Germany to PSI this morning so they can put them in the playroom for all the other kids to use.

Ok now it's time to try enjoy our last week in Germany/ Switzerland.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us back home, all our family and friends and all the messages we have received they have really helped and kept our spirits high.

We look forward to getting home and possibly having a drink or two.


  1. Great news and be keeping you all in our prayers. That breakfast is going to be brilliant tomorrow !

  2. Thanks cuz can't believe we finished woohoo

  3. Great news mate!! delighted for yas.... another hurdle well and truly cleared.. Paddy Ash and the gang... looking forward to cacthing up when your back

  4. Delighted for you all. Enjoy the sun here in ch. kids might like the playground on insel mainau or affenberg, both on the Bodensee. Or ravensburger spieleland if you are looking for a small child friendly theme park. Maybe see you in Zurich airport on Wednesday when we are all passing through. Suzanne

    1. Hey Suzanne thanks we can't believe it too, we actually are going to ravensbuger we just booked a hotel last night, hope we catch you before we go

  5. Arno van den BroekJuly 26, 2012 at 10:30 PM

    John and the Glynn's, great news! Enjoy being at home again soon!

  6. What an amazing feeling it must be for all of you! Congratulations, what an amazing team you are!!
    Enjoy your next few days together.