Saturday, July 14, 2012

Week 4 done but few hard days for Gavin

Another week done but we had a few hard days..on Thursday the doctors in PSI said that they were not happy with Gavin's Supra Pubic Tube(the tube in his belly that they use to fill up his bladder). They thought that it looked infected as the skin was very red around the entry hole and also they said he had another urine infection. So after his treatment on Thursday morning they told us we had to go straight to the Kinderspital hospital to get it checked. This tube has caused loads of problems so far and we know it is the best option for his treatment but it's still a pain and a real annoyance for Gavin. So we went to the hospital and the doctors in the Oncology ward open the dressing to see what was happening. We also saw how red the area around the tube was, they didn't think it was infected but they got a second opinion from a surgeon to be sure. She thought also not an infection but that the tube needed to be changed. They told us that the guys in PSI would be willing to "try" change it on Friday morning after his treatment and if not successful they may have to do a small operation and place the tube somewhere else around his belly..."shit" really didn't even sum up how we felt but we were confident that the guys in PSI would be able to do it. Gavin was in good form as usual but sore when you touched anywhere near his tube. They gave us some pain medicine for Gavin to take which would help.

Friday -PSI
A lot of prayers last night that all would go well this morning..
We arrived at PSI at 10am and spoke with the doctor. He advise that they will try replace the tube after his treatment this morning so they would not interrupt his Proton treatment. It would take about 45 mins longer today. At about 1pm we were told Gavin was in the recovery room so we went in and the doctor told us that he was able to replace the tube....WOohoo I nearly kissed him. So relieved that 1. They could do it and 2. That Gavin now could have a better chance of getting rid of the infection..
We started him on an antibiotic straight away and then we and PSI will change the dressing everyday for 1 week and see if it improves. They may change the tube again in 7 days when the antibiotic finishes as the infection may attach to the new tube also. We are glad the acted so quickly, they are really good in PSI and also the hospital.

We moved to a new apartment this morning, just to the downstairs of the building which is great. Gavin and the kids live it as they now have direct access to the garden. Gavin is already in much better form so hopefully the new supra pubic tube will do it's job.

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