Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wednesday 18th all going well

All going well so far this week.
Gavin didn't have treatment on Monday as PSI was closed. Gavin has been much better since the tube was replaced.
We were back in the Kinderspital hospital yesterday for a checkup, bloods are still low and they have given us some more antibiotics (stronger dosage) for another 7 days to make sure the infection is gone. They will continue to change his dressing every day
We don't have to go back there until next Tuesday.

At the weekend we had a good friend from Ireland come over to do the Ironman Race in Zurich.
We all went in to see Rob Moran who was doing the race to raise money for Bray Cancer Support Group.  Rob asked if we could bring some ham rolls for him and meet him at a part of the cycle race called " Heartbreak Hill"...well it certainly was...
Some Pictures below of the day. It was truly amazing and I still cant believe that people can do that race.

Conor and I came back in to meet Rob near the finish line to cheer him on. We had a huge Irish Flag which Rob gave to us for the day. Near the finish we saw Rob coming and he ran over and took Conor with him (while the 2 of them held the Irish Flag) and ran across the finish line...It was so amazing to see Conor and Rob, and I think the memory will live with me and Conor especially forever. Rob is now Conor's Hero and all of us too.

Jayne's 2 parents are arriving tomorrow from Ireland to stay with us for 4 days, which will be a great help.
We are all going to a place called "Europa-Park" in Germany from Friday until Sunday. It is like the German Euro Disney. It will be such a nice break for the kids after how good they have been on this trip. My cousin who works in Coke Cola has arranged VIP tickets for us so no queues which is a real winner...woohoo
Only thing is since PSI was closed on Monday they told us that we need to make up the day of treatment so I have to drive up on Saturday morning with Gavin and then return to Europa-Park in the afternoon.

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