Monday, July 23, 2012

Great news today...

After a super weekend in Europapark with Jayne's mum and dad the kids had such a great time. It was great for them to see their granny and gran dad again and have a break from going into PSI every day. We have to say a big thanks to Coca Cola for arranging special passes and dinner for us while we were there. Thanks Thomas, Maren and of course my cousin Damian.

We arrived at PSI as normal for Gavin's treatment. We met with Gavin's doctor who had arranged for us to see the Proton Machine called the Gantry 1. We were dreading today for a while now as originally we thought she was just going to show us the machine etc but then last week she told us that we would be seeing Gavin getting the Proton therapy from being sedated , CT scan etc the lot.

But to keep us in good spirits she told us the we will be finished Gavin's treatment on Wednesday....this was unbelievable she explained that because everything has gone so well with the Proton therapy they have targeted all the areas they needed to with 28 sessions rather than 33...this was a shock but brilliant news, she also told us that they will remove his supra pubic tube on Wednesday as it will be no longer needed.

Ok back to the treatment. So Gavin was sedated as normal but then we stayed. The nurses undressed Gavin and then put some tape over his eyelids (this was so he has no eye movement when in the machine) not nice too see..

Next the machine came through the door on a laser guided line...this was like something from star wars...Gavin was then lifted over onto this trolley face down with his pelvis and legs in a mould.

Then Gavin was moved into the CT scan room on the trolly. The machine then docked at the CT scan and a robotic arm lifted Gavin from the trolly into position for the CT scan again unbelievable.

After a few minutes of the technicians analysing the scans and the dimensions of where the dosage would be delivered for today the laser trolly then was used to take Gavin into the Gantry where the Proton machine is located.

Now for the really mind blowing technology. The proton machine was massive Gavin looked so small beside it. Again another robotic arm lifted gavin from trolly into position under the Proton machine. Then we left the room and watched gavin on a video link from a room close by as the radiation was administered

It only took a few minutes and the machine moved Gavin a few times to different positions. Once finished we were able to go back in and then follow the machine as Gavin was returned to the recovery room.

I was allowed to video the whole process and take pictures so we will be able to show gavin when he is older.

We decided not to upload them to the site as some people may not like to see them as they are a bit scary but if anyone would like to see please just let me know we would be happy to share.

It was the most amazing day between seeing what Gavin has gone through ever day for the past nearly 6 weeks and knowing that we will be going home sooner to see all our friends and family again.

We will hopefully be home next Wednesday night if we can book flights as we need to make sure Gavin is ok after getting the tubes removed.

Well we will post more and uploads some pictures over the coming days.

See u all soon


  1. Just wanted to say that I've been following your journey and am thrilled to read this post. Amazing.