Monday, August 5, 2013

All systems are a GO

Just got a call from our consultant in Crumlin to confirm he has spoken with the head consultant of the Team in AMC Amsterdam to agree that the procedure will go ahead.
They still have concerns about Gavin's pelvic bone but they agree they don't have the time to investigate now without delaying the procedure.
So we are back in Crumlin tomorrow to start another 8 days of chemotherapy and then another MRI/CT scan and we should have dates confined by the end of this week.

We have had a great weekend at home with the kids, there was a festival in Kilcoole so Conor and Lucy went to a disco on Saturday and then yesterday we entered polly into a dog show and she won:)

We brought Gavin into jungle mania which is a playzone. He has never been able to go into one before (fear about his Hickman line and risk of infection) but since we knew his bloods were ok and what was going to happen this week we decided to let him in and thanks to our friend Lynda who owns jungle mania they all had an amazing time..very hard to get them to leave too...

Gavin waiting to get his face painted and helped Rebecca hold back her hair..such a gent:)

His 2 minders..

And our good mate Big Gavin popped into see little Gavin

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  1. What a beautiful little boy and so brave, wish you lots of luck.