Monday, August 12, 2013

Lovely message for Gavin from Sargent Gerry Duff

Got a lovely message tonight on Facebook from Sargent Gerry Duff and he said I could share it. Thought is would be nice for Gavin to see this in a few years .

Gerry works with our good mate Big Gavin Coventry and Little Gavin sent him a message of support on Sunday while he was doing the Wicklow Way.

Gerry Duff (Irish Defence Forces) completed the Kildare Marathon on (May 12th), Waterford (June 29th) and the entire Wicklow Way (132km) (August 1st) in under 24 hours and now has Longford marathon (Aug 25th) wearing full army kit weighing 45 lbs to raise funds for Aoibheann's Pink Tie a charity that has helped us and many families like us with children with Cancer.

Hi John. Many thanks for sending me the picture of Gavin on Sunday. Much appreciated. Could you pass on this message to him please?
"Hi Gavin. I just want to say thanks very much for sending me your picture wishing me well on my run over the weekend. My wife Tracy showed it to me when I was struggling with tired muscles and sore feet. Your smiling face gave me the boost that I needed to go on. I hear that you are a very brave and determined young man which is great because the Army is always looking for tough guys like you. Thanks again, stay strong and I hope to meet you soon. All the best. Gerry Duff"
If you get a chance check out Ger's page on Facebook, he has 1 marathon to go so if you are around please show your support or send him a message.

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