Thursday, August 29, 2013

Day 4 The operation

We had alarms all set for 5 am and woke Gavin to give him his last bottle before fasting. He woke about 9 starving looking for some food, it's so hard after the last few days stuffing him to say no but once we moved into the hospital he was fine. 
We then had the wait until we were called for our slot for the operating theatre.
About 12.30 we got the call and tool Gavin down. He was so good and he knew what was happening as their was so many people around. At 12.45 the team were ready and we wheeled Gavin down to theatre. Jayne gave Gavin a big kiss and a hug and I brought him in. With the help of the play specialist we keep him occupied while the team got ready and then he was sedated. I gave him a big kiss and told him how much I loved him and all will be ok then left the team to start.
We then had the very long wait....
5.5hrs later we were told Gavin was in ICU and we could goto see him. We knew from before what to expect with all the wires and connections to monitors. 
Gavin also had 8 wires coming out from his tummy where the radiotherapy will be used.
He woke a few times and was looking for food and his bottle then dozed off again. He isn't happy with all the wires so the next few days will be a huge challenge for us all.
Jayne is staying in ICU with Gavin tonight and I will be back for 6am then a CT scan at 8am to align the wires for brachytherapy. Then straight into the radiation room and the brachytherapy begins until Monday...every 2 hours for 15mins.
We couldn't have asked for a better result today. The surgeon was amazing and told us he got out everything he could see without impacting any organs which is a huge relief.
So for now we are very happy and tired but know what lies ahead is still really huge task and long days and nights.

Playing in his room before operation

Gown on..

Ready to go..

And in ICU

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  1. Good news. Heartbreaking pictures. Wishing you all strength for the next few days.