Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day 3

So we spent most of the day today in the hospital. We checked into the surgical day ward and met with some
Doctors and nurses and the play specialist Anna. Everything was fine so since we are just right next door in Ronald mc Donald house they said we could stay here again to tonight and just come back in for 10am which was super news. Another night together which is amazing.
Gavin has to fast from 5am so alarms have been set. Then clear fluids until 11am. His theatre time is 1pm so we still have no idea how long the operation will take yet so tomorrow will be a very long and scary day for us all (with a lot of prayers being said). Once the operation is finished Gavin will be taken to ICU where one of us can stay with him overnight. 
So tonight we played in the playroom, had dinner (which you can see we stuffed Gavin as much as possible) and watched some DVD's. 
Please god everything will go smoothly tomorrow and our little superman will be ok.

Gavin like me just had to mess around with the computer in his room:)

Eating Salami in bed.. Delighted 


  1. Hope it's all going well right now

  2. Just been catching up on everything. No words. Just lots and lots of prayers and I hope with all my being that today and the next few days go well for you all. Love and hugs and prayers. Kate