Monday, October 28, 2013

Amazing Day today at Dublin City Marathon

Today 24 men and women ran the Dublin city marthon for Team Gavin Glynn. Our good friend Rob Moran put a team of people together and arranged everything.
It was such a moving site to see everyone running the marathon some for the first time and some others more experienced.
We got to see almost all the runners come past us at the 24 mile mark just when I think everyone was really feeling the pain. 

Below myself Conor and Gavin running beside Rob.

After the marathon we met most of the guys after the run. The first thing Rob did was take off his new medal and give it to Gavin.
 He really is an amazing friend and just wanted Gavin to have his medal.

As below picture Gavin didn't take the medal off all day and even went to bed with it on tonight. 
What an amazing day of support for us all, one that we will never forget.

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