Friday, October 18, 2013

Post Operation update

It didn't take that long for Gavin to wake and like always look for his bottle. Once he had that he wanted to play his IPad with Conor.

We then waited in recovery another hour before being transferred back to our room. Conor and Lucy were great just sitting with Gavin and playing with him.

Once back in our room he was hungry for his sausage (which we brought from home)

And then we had to wait for Gavin to pee to make sure everything was ok. It took about 2 hours and like beige it was very sore and still a lot of blood in it. But once the next few came they seem to be clearing up.

Just 1 hr after being back in Ronald Mc Donald house Gavin was full of energy and wanted to goto the playground...he really is superhuman :)

We met with the surgeon and he was very happy with the operation and also checked Gavin's bladder and said very thing is healing and looks great which is an extra bonus good news..

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