Friday, October 18, 2013

All done in Recovery Room now

Early start this morning. We woke at 6am and then Gavin started to wake looking for his morning bottle...I hate having to tell him he can't have anything especially his bottle as he loves that when he wakes.. The fasting part is always so hard. But he went back asleep at 6:30 and then we just transferred him into his buggy. 
We woke Conor and Lucy and for them dressed quickly they were so good as we explained last night what was happening.
Off to the hospital and into the ward.
The surgeon came to see us first.
Conor and Lucy kept him entertained and his mind of what was going to happen which was brilliant.

At 7:30 am we got Gavin ready to go and I took him down to the operating theatre. 
Gavin was amazing as always and chatted away to them all telling them about Conor and Lucy.

Not a bother on him...

I gave Gavin a big kiss and told him to have a nice sleep and then left.
The operation took about 45 mins and we are now in recovery room all together waiting for Gavin to wake.

In recovery.

The best brother and sister in the world..

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