Sunday, October 13, 2013

AMC - Amsterdam Hospital Return Visit

We got confirmation last week that everything was now in place for our return visit to AMC Hospital for Gavin's Operation. Gavin's blood levels are on the way back up after his blood transfusion last Monday too.

We fly out tomorrow to Amsterdam and this time the whole Team Gavin Glynn will be going.

Conor and Lucy are very excited to met with all the people from the hospital we spoke about and showed them in the pictures, they are also excited to see Amsterdam and all the things Gavin has seen.

The plan is to travel tomorrow and then Tuesday morning we have 2 appointments in the hospital with the surgical team and then Gavin's operation will take place on Friday. The operation is to remove what is called a "double J" stent which was left inside Gavin from his last operation.
It will be great to have this removed as Gavin still has some blood in his urine so hopefully once this is removed that will stop.

Gavin below at the local Parish Fair in St. Patricks school on Saturday, Gavin loved the pony ride and also was asked to pick out winners in the raffle. And he picked a €100 voucher for Jayne's Mum and Dad....

Conor teaching Gavin a few tricks on his IPad.... Love seeing them playing together

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