Tuesday, October 15, 2013

All good so far

All arrived safe and sound yesterday.
Gavin was wrecked and fell asleep on the plane 10 mins out...

Today we just had 2 appointment this morning in the hospital and were finished by 12 which was great. 

Gavin remembered everything and knew when we walked into the hospital what
had happened before. He wasn't too happy when he seen the nurses with the swabs for the MRSA cultures but we told him they would be quick.

Then Gavin showed Conor and Lucy around..it was very funny but they wanted to see everything he had seen.

Like the ambulance we spent a lot of time with Gavin on..:)

Then we went into the city and went on the pirate ship and Nemo interactive  center. All the kids had a great time. 

The below pictures it wasn't even that cold but once one got a hat we all got hats...

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