Thursday, October 17, 2013

All set for tomorrow morning

Yesterday we brought the kids to a theme park near Amsterdam. They all had a great time it was great for them all to have some fun together before Gavin's  operation.

Today we met with Anna the play specialist.
Gavin was delighted to see her again and introduce Conor and Lucy. They couldn't get the stories out quick enough to tell Anna it was so funny.

This afternoon we got word on our times for tomorrow. 
We have to be in the hospital for 7am so very early start for us all tomorrow. Usual Gavin will have to fast from 12pm tonight and nothing afterwards.

We will all be going in together Conor and Lucy too.

The surgeon has advised gavin is first on the list so please god all going well it will be a quick procedure.
All the kids have had so much fun over the last few days and it has been great to have them all with us. Please god everything will go well tomorrow. 

Lucy and Gavin doing a "selfie" haaha