Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day 10 2nd surgery and now in recovery all done

Gavin was amazing this morning in great form.
The play specialist Anna was with us the minute Gavin was up and we kept Gavin busy and mind occupied which was the best thing possible.
Down and into surgery for 9.15.
The procedure just took about 1 hr
Then the surgeon called to say everything  went very well and he was happy and Gavin would be taken to recovery now...

So relieved now.. Thank god everything has gone well and our baby is back with us now.


In theatre ready for the op

In recovery post Op


  1. super hero gavin does it again......time to take a deep breath.....

  2. Hi John, Jayne and superhero Gavin, i'm glad to hear all went well. Well done to the three of you coping with one of the hardest and emotional 2 weeks of your lives, the three of you are hero's in your own right. Your blog was excellent and a tearful read at times. We've have you in our prayers every night and wish you a great recovery, rest, joy and a bit of messin. Take care and talk to you soon.

  3. Thank God it went well.
    Well done folks, you are all heroes for this. You are constantly in our thoughts & prayers.
    Talk soon,

  4. So glad everything went to plan
    For Superman and his Superclan


  5. Great to see the good news keeps coming. I'm sure it's a very different story living through it but praying the positive results continue.