Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Home 1 week tomorrow

It has been so good to be back home again..
Lucy and Conor got such a surprise once the opened the door and seen us standing there..The excitement lasted a good 30mins and then the questions start coming "so are we not going to Amsterdam now" .....Jayne and I knew they would ask this haahaa
We said we will take them away for a day or two in a few weeks to make up for not coming over.
Gavin was a bit cagey to see them at first but once we left Jayne parents house he was chatting and playing with Conor and Lucy again which was so great to see.
We explained and showed Conor and Lucy Gavin's belly and where all the scars are and to be very careful with him for the next few weeks...they are both amazing kids and completed understood and were not shocked by what they saw.

We have just been taking it easy since we came home. We have caught up with most of all out friends and family now also.

On Sunday we noticed some blood in Gavin's urine which didn't look right. He said he didn't have any pain so we waited and checked and by the next 2 it had gone..

Then on Monday morning it was the same again so I took a sample and called our nurse liaison in Crumlin and she advised me to take Gavin straight in.
He didn't have any temperature which would notmally mean an infection but we couldn't be certain.
So in the ward we were back in isolation again since we were outside the country.
They took blood samples and 2 more urine samples. The urine seems to clear in the afternoon which is strange..
Gavin still has a stent inside him called a "double J" -( A thin, hollow tube placed inside the ureter during surgery to ensure drainage of urine from the kidney into the bladder. J shaped curls are present at both ends to hold the tube in place and prevent migration, hence the description "Double J stent".)
So we needed to wait 24hrs to see if anything has grown in the samples, so I called this afternoon and nothing has grown...which means no infection but blood is still there.
They think it may be from the double J tube or post radiation side effects.
It doesn't seem to bother Gavin so we will monitor this over the next few days and hope it improves.
We also have to meet with our consultant on Friday to discuss starting Gavin on a new regiment chemotherapy which looks like it may start next Monday...so back at it again...

Gavin received the below superman outfit this morning and he was delighted. This came from Aoibheanns pink tie who are amazing charity and support.

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